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Prague Hotel Map

Are you planning a stay in Prague? Our detailed Map of Prague Hotels will help you find your hotel close to the most important sightseeing and tourist attraction in Prague.
Have a look at the Prague Hotel Map and find your accommodation. Click on the area you are interested in to enlarge and find the hotels located in each of the main city zones.

Choose your Hotel on the map and enjoy a perfect stay in Prague

Prague is divided into 15 districts with a total surface of 496 square km. Prague city centre is made up of 4 quarters: New Town with Wenceslas Square in the middle; Old Town with the Old Town Square; Josefov (Jewish Quarter); and Mala Strana, between Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. The historical centre is where most of the beautiful architecture, museums, restaurants are located. The outer districts are the new ones, where recent businesses, hotels and banks have been built.

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